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Painting ideas to love your house forever

Everyone observes painting as addition of colour to a surface. A house owner however sees painting as an accessory that gives them access to a brighter mood on a dreary day. According to psychology, the colour of a room affects the quality of one’s sleep. Sleep affects productivity, productivity affects the feeling of fulfilment.

Do you fear that painting is another room to experience expenditure without return?

Do you imagine poorly painted rooms with stained walls, when someone speaks of painting around you?

Do you catch yourself thinking about cracks and peels off on the walls? Mildew effect?

Here are ideas you need to consider to love your house forever:

The first thing you want to ensure your painter does is: 

Prepare the surface to be painted:

To Prepare the wall surface to be painted includes you make sure it’s not dirty, but if dirty? clean it with a sponge and detergent solution. Is it moist? allow it to dry. Does it flakes? Sandpaper it to keep it clean and smooth for use. A moist or dirty wall prevents the paint from blending into the wall. That is not your goal in making a house you love forever.

You want to choose Paint with lesser or no Volatile Organic Compounds:

The release of organic compounds perceived as different smells at times when a building is just painted. This could be harmful to sensitive persons either knowingly or unknowingly. If you are one sensitive person, One way, you want to control or avoid that is to use paints with no VOC or ensure the house is well-ventilated. With that, you can be sure you are rid of chemicals within your home.


You want to ensure the wall is well prepared through cleaning before priming its surface. Priming is a process that involves the application of resins that ensures the paint adheres to the wall surface. Tips on primer include, it’s not a wall finish. It is to be carefully applied to the surface of the wall to afford a brilliant finish.

Choose a washable paint:

Hand stains and hair stains are common in public spaces within the house such as the sitting room. If this can be avoided it should. However, in cases it cannot be. You want to choose washable paints that can be cleaned with soap and water without washing out your paints.

Choose the theme of the room:

Do you want a cozy room available to soothe your stress and serve as relaxation, choose blue.

If you want a space to feel comfortable and associated with nature you can choose green.

Do you want a feeling of warmth on a cold day? Choose grey with other colours.

This theme and other factors can be discussed with your painter. In making the right choice of paint.

Consider your thinner:

Good things aren’t cheap so is your painting. Your choice of painting is a piece of art that will take time, effort and skills. Thinned paint is the least stroke you want to give to a piece of art. You want every stroke to make a layering of pigment that glazes your surface beautifully to make the house of your dreams.

Having explained the painting ideas needed to make a house you would love forever, it would remain an idea without a dextrous painter who pays attention to details to ensure you have a house filled with love. 

This is the purpose iboyconstruction workers are seasoned and trained to make sure your home gives you the taste of comfort you made it for.

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